Easter Hols part 2 (edited to make photos iPad friendly)

Tuesday afternoon we headed back to Banbury in more glorious weather making it back to our mooring by teatime.

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On Wednesday I borrowed a pressure washer from a colleague and washed the roof down to get rid of the winter’s grime while Joy washed and polished the side. We then bemused passing boaters by reversing down to the winding hole, turning round and reversing back again so we could wash the other side.

Then of course the grass cutting contractors came along and disrupted our plans, Joy moved the hose out of the way for them but they simply bypassed our mooring. Joy was having none of this and tackled them as they came back and they obligingly cut our patch too. Their response was that they usually don’t cut the grass when people are on their boats??? Wouldn’t it be better just to ask the mooring holder if they want the grass cut?

Joy had offered her art class a boat trip on Thursday to do some open air painting down at Nell Bridge but on the morning none of them wanted to come, preferring to travel there by car, so rather than waste the day off I had booked to make the trip, we opted to start the second part of our cruise a day early.


As we approached Samuelson’s Bridge we met nb Eileen and later found that Wrens-Nest is in one of their blog’s photos. They write about  an unfortunate incident which occurred shortly after, hope the hand gets better soon Claire.

We easily reached Cropredy & spent the night there and carried on to Fenny Compton on Friday where we had to visit The Wharf Inn, of course, to quench our thirst and stock up at The Spice Traders stall there. As we were having our drinks Rob Totterdell, the stall’s owner appeared and we had a long chat, Rob’s a really interesting guy and sources his products from small companies, keeping it as local as possible.

We had intended to stay there for a few days but the forecast for Sunday was not encouraging so we decided to head back to Cropredy today and get most of the locks out of the way. Cropredy Marina is pretty full with boats now, it was just a hole in the ground last time we passed and looks really good, in fact we met two boats on their way to moor there.

Tomorrow is Easter Day and we wish you all a very Happy Easter.


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