Is this the start of the Cruising Season?

I suppose it must be as there has been a marked increase of boats passing our mooring this last couple of weeks and after work this afternoon we joined that happy band and headed off South.

The reason for the journey is that I have an appointment to fit a solar panel system for someone at Heyford and it’s so much easier if I have my back-cabin workshop alongside. Not only that, but we are meeting up with number one son plus grandchildren tomorrow.

DSCF5037We were approaching Nell Bridge Lock when we spied a familiar boat moored up, The Good Ship Bones! We tooted as we passed but no one seemed to be at home, however as we came through the adjacent lift bridge we were hallooed by two approaching figures, Bones and her neighbour Alex. These kind folk helped us through Nell Bridge Lock and then walked down with Boots the dog to see us through Aynho Weir Lock as well.

DSCF5038We made them stay for a cuppa & toasted tea cakes before saying thanks and good bye, they set off back to their boats, Boots however had other ideas and followed us, ignoring all commands to the contrary. Being of the greyhound persuasion he has a good turn of speed and it was only by stopping Wrens-Nest that he stopped too and was put on his lead by his mistress and taken back to his own boat in disgrace. He must like our boat as this isn’t the first time he has pulled this trick! (See here)

IMG_20140404_175756After getting out of the shallows where we had landed up, we went on down to Aynho Wharf, spotting our first ducklings of the year, and moored up for our tea.

We shall stay here tonight and complete our journey tomorrow.


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