A Happy Christmas to all our Readers!

Oh My Goodness! It’s nearly Christmas and we haven’t updated our blog since we came back from our summer cruise in July.

mvMy excuse has to be that I’ve been rather busy, as soon as I went back to work after the summer break my department at the college moved into a brand new workshop which has made me a lot of work getting things organised, and initially working in the middle of a building site. Since then there has been the official opening and last week an Ofsted inspection! Click the picture for the Oxford Mail’s report.


Purple CastNot to be outdone by Joy I managed to trip over a semi demolished gatepost in the midst of all this & sustain a small fracture at the base of the thumb which meant I was in plaster for a few weeks!

I have also become involved with the newly formed Banbury Canal Partnership which is a joining together of people/organisations with common interests concerning the Oxford Canal and have built a website for them.  The current talking point is the proposed canal-side development to build a second phase of the Castle Quay Shopping Centre in central Banbury.See more details here

IMG_20131208_173417Joy has created a Christmas Grotto in our cratch and this week we enter the festive season with Christmas meals for Joy’s art group and our church, The Chapel Heyford Park.

We also have plans to visit friends and family in Gloucestershire.

So we end by wishing you all a Very Happy and Blessed Christmas and a Wonderful New Year.


2 thoughts on “A Happy Christmas to all our Readers!”

  1. Good timing – I was just about to send my Christmas best wishes to you both!!
    Hope you have a wonderful time and no accidents in 2014!!

  2. Hi both – having just seen No Problem enw blog I do so hope it wasn’t your neighbour with the lovely friendly dog?

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