Summer Cruise 2013 – Day 37 & 38

Are we home yet?
Are we home yet?

Hey Ho, back to work tomorrow!

This episode winds up this year’s summer cruise.

Monday morning dawned rather later than we had intended, perhaps being away from the railway line just on the Banbury side of Mill Lift Bridge helped us to sleep soundly but after a leisurely start we were away. Before long reached the dreaded Somerton Deep Lock, where there was a hire boat waiting to come down and the girl crew stood ready to lock us down, I asked them to be gentle on the paddles, which they were. It transpired that despite their youth, most of them were old hands on their fourth boating holiday, they were a pleasant crowd, four girls, three dogs and (I guess) Dad on the boat supervising from a discrete distance!

Is that an admirer on the bridge?
Is that an admirer on the bridge?

Our plan was to meet up with our son & the grandchildren at The Pig Place just past Nell Bridge Lock and when we got there we sent a text to say we had arrived. He had only just left Gloucester, by car, but was there by mid afternoon, complete with kids and tent which we managed to put up almost alongside the boat before it rained!


I knew he'd be useful one day!
I knew he’d be useful one day!

In the morning after more bacon butties we packed up the tent and all boated up to our home mooring via some shopping in Banbury. Then began the business of mending the puncture on my bike, retrieving our car from its temporary garage, and finally collecting Jer’s car from The Pig Place, before he returned home leaving us with the grandkids for a week.


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