Summer Cruise 2013 – Day 32

bunters deliOur day started with a 5 minute trip up to Aristotle Bridge where we stopped to visit Bunter’s Deli in nearby Hayfield Road to buy croissants for breakfast, samosas & sausage rolls for elevenses and baguettes for lunch, a handy one stop shop for boaters and locals alike.

We continued our gentle way among the leafy suburbs of Oxford, some complain about the lines of boats on the Agenda 21 moorings but to us it’s just part of the richness of the canal community. What are Agenda 21 moorings you ask?
This is what the Oxford ‘Agenda 21’ Mooring Agreement says:

The Oxford Local Agenda 21 moorings are a unique arrangement, which has come out of a collaboration between British Waterways and the Oxford Boaters’ co-op.

This mooring agreement sets out standard BW legal requirements and certain Agenda 21 ground rules. It represents a commitment from the permit holder and British Waterways to recognise and support the broad ideals of Agenda 21, the international commitment to local communities and the environment made in Rio in 1992.

Oxford boaters form a strong, inclusive and supportive community with a commitment to an ecologically sound lifestyle. To support this, the moorings have the unique feature of being residential but with low services.

DSCF4814Just four locks and a handful of key operated lift bridges today, and few people out boating until we approached Thrupp which was probably just as well as there was just room for us to squeeze in the first space of the 48 hr moorings, opposite The Boat Inn and just in front of nb Gallifrey, I bet the boys who live on board love telling people they live on Galifrey.
[Link for non Dr Who aficionados]


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