Summer Cruise 2013 – Day 29

DSCF4682-001Today started with a bang, well more of a crash actually, at about 6:45am there was a noise which woke us up instantly. I thought it was thunder, Joy thought we had been hit by a boat and we both leapt out of bed and I looked out of the front of the boat, nothing there, meanwhile Joy stuck her head of of the kitchen window and declared “There’s a cow in the river beside us!”

By the time we had pulled some clothes on the silly moo had got out from between the boat and the bank and was swimming round to the back of the boat where I tried to calm her and encourage her to swim back towards the bridge where she could climb out. Daisy was having none of it however [Cow number 204468 just sounds so formal, doesn’t it?] and continued to swim downstream whilst we wondered what to do about it. The farmer had collected our mooring fees but not given a receipt let alone any contact details, so perhaps the local police could help with a phone number? Not a chance, gone are the days when you could talk to a local bobby who would know whose beast it was, call the fire service on 999 was the advice; but I only want to alert the farmer…
no… call 999!

DSCF4684The emergency services were efficiency itself and promised to send a crew to attend and soon fire engine and 4 x 4 were in the field being directed down towards St John’s lock where the animal was last seen headed. Could they find it, could they heck! We can only assume it got itself out, Joy was very glad she took a photo so she could prove it wasn’t a hoax. She phoned the campsite across the field who promised to pass a message on to the farmer but despite leaving her number no one called back or came out to check the poor creature was all right.

After all that excitement we didn’t want to go back to bed and felt at a bit of a loss, nothing for it but to have some breakfast and wait for today’s air display. As it was cooler today we cooked a roast dinner at lunchtime and in the afternoon we had more visitors, another colleague, Matt who lives nearby, called by with his two boys and spent some time with us.

2013-07-21 21.23.15After they left we went up to the town and got some provisions for the journey back. At about half past six after some salad for tea, we winded outside the Riverside Pub and set off down stream to take advantage of the cooling temperatures and get ourselves through the worst of the wiggly bits of river while traffic was quiet. All but the first lock was on self service and moored up at Radcot at about 9:30pm.


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