Summer Cruise 2013 – Day 28

St Pauls CarnivalToday we were ‘at home’ to visitors and we were delighted to see our friend Esther, who we have known since she was a sprog, she has just passed her driving test at the grand old age of 25 and visiting us was her first solo drive. We had a lovely time catching up with each other’s news. She stayed for lunch until she had to go back to Stroud and pick up her boyfriend, Jos from work.

Just as she was leaving Mark, an ex-colleague from college (try saying that after a drink or two) called to visit with his wife Sandra who we were pleased to meet.

DSCF4663Whilst they were there we watched planes from the Fairford Airshow flying over, try as we might we didn’t get any decent photos, this was I think the Italian display team, but the most amazing thing we saw was a transport plane looping the loop, I’m sure they weren’t made to do that!



Old LechThis evening we visited The Crown Inn where I sampled a pint of Old Lech (no cheek from you lot!) brewed in their own ‘Halfpenny Brewery’ followed by a visit to the adjacent Monica’s Place for chips to take home with us.


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