Summer Cruise 2013 – Day 25

DSCF4575Another 7:30 start this morning to try and beat the heat, just four canal locks today, all easily managed, even the strange access at Dukes Cut Lock where there’s a railway bridge over the lock and the Junction Bridge over the lock landing. Once past this lock we were in a kind of limbo, not really canal but not typically river.

Once we reached Duke’s Cut Junction there was no mistaking we were on The Thames, Kings Lock to the left but we turned right and within a mile we were at  Eynsham Lock where the friendly lockie relieved us of £66.50 for a seven day licence. The formalities over off through the attractive Swinford Toll Bridge in the glorious sunshine through beautiful countryside.

Just over another mile and we were at Pinkhill Lock which we shared with another narrowboat and a cruiser, I invited the cruiser to leave first as he would be faster but he declined and said he could pass me later if he needed to. Bad move! When he did overtake I pulled over and ran aground and it took  what seemed like half an hour to get off the mud!

IMG_20130717_193958We carried on to Bablock Hythe where we moored on the free EA moorings just past The Ferryman Inn. Once safely moored we repaired to the pub for a cooling drink then returned to the boat for a shower and a lazy afternoon napping, watching TV and trying to keep cool by spraying water into the air and taking a few more quick cool showers. [Hottest day of the year so far!]

Back to the pub at seven for a meal sat outside in the shade with a pint of Wadworth’s 6X and a view of the river, what could be better?

Geek Alert

Map 17-07-2013You may have noticed that our location has become quite precise thanks to the GPSLogger App on my new smartphone which also produces a map of our journey on Water Explorer.

Not only that but Joy was able to watch The Apprentice final at the pub on my phone using TV Catchup.


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