Summer Cruise 2013 – Day 23

An early start was planned this morning but a phone call from our daughter in Australia with her latest news delayed us a little and then a short hop across to The Pig Place to buy some of their free range eggs and we were off.

DSCF4535At Nell bridge lock,just around the corner we caught up with nb Badmor who was single handing and were able to help lock him through, we started meeting oncoming boats at Aynho Weir Lock, Aynho Wharf was busy with four boats queuing for water so we decided that we would water up when we reach Heyford.


Joy faced her Bête Noir and negotiated Somerton Deep lock uneventfully (where she broke her arm at Easter) and as we progressed several groups of cows were paddling trying to keep cool. Joy employed other means, an improvised parasol, an Australian hat and her famous ‘welding goggle’ sunglasses which Mike, our son-in-law, always ribs her about!


When we reached Heyford, we were still following nb Badmor, who held the lift bridge open for us and we found ourselves a shady spot opposite Lower Heyford church where we relaxed for the rest of the afternoon and met locals Emily and her son George for a chat.

There is no internet signal here hence the delayed postings but there is phone signal and I had  a surprise call from my brother to arrange a visit tomorrow.


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