Summer Cruise 2013 – Day 21

As you might gather from the title it’s three weeks since we started our cruise and here we are almost back at our mooring. We had a relatively early start as we thought we would avoid the rush and get through Factory Lift Bridge & Banbury Lock before it got too busy, trouble was everyone had the same idea!

Another boat followed us through the lift bridge, another was on the waterpoint above the lock and by the time we were through the lock there was a queue at the service point! Anyway it was good to meet nb Yarwood and crew once the hire boat had vacated the service point.

Then it was but a few minutes until we were back at Tramway, not quite on our mooring as nb Campanula has been using it while we have been away and Penny has done a sterling job of looking after our plants.

The rest of the day was spent faffing about with my new phone, finding a GPS app which should record our journey and trying to install ringtone that I recognise, I kept thinking it was someone else’s phone when it rang!

A small shopping expedition to Morrisons ended up with us buying a new dinner service, and as the evening started to cool off I rustled up a quick and easy meal of spaghetti, peppers and Philadelphia for our tea. Something like this recipe here.


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