Summer Cruise 2013 – Day 19

DSCF4498Well, today was out of the ordinary! We had our first on-line grocery shop delivered, Mr Tesco turned up on cue, surprising our neighbour who didn’t know that Tesco will deliver to a boat, which was surprising because he was.. wait for it, a Tesco delivery driver. Fair play, he is based in Salisbury, where the only canal is a road! Origin of Salisbury’s New Canal can be seen here. How do I know that? Because I went to school there, coincidentally the same school as our neighbour.

After putting the groceries away, we set off pronto, Banbury bound  pausing only at Fenny Compton Marina for a pump out. We got as far as the Fenny Compton ‘tunnel’ when Joy started to feel unwell, stricken with a dodgy tummy which her medication occasionally seems to bring on.

The result of this was that she was sent inside to rest, and we cruised on to the top of Claydon locks where we stopped for lunch, well at least I did as the poor thing was still not feeling 100%.

After a suitable break I decided to carry on single handed which I did with a certain degree of help from approaching boaters, who mostly seemed to be ladies of a certain age. I think there were WWOOF workers in the fields at Forge Farm and a Tepee at their wharf there.  Cropredy was packed with boats, no doubt some of them claiming a spot for the upcoming Fairport’s Cropredy Convention and lots of work going on at the new marina.

We made it to Banbury by 6:30pm [10 miles, 4¾ furlongs and 12 locks] by which time Joy was feeling somewhat better and I nipped to the chippy and bought some chips to have with the splendid sausage flan which Joy made this morning, very nice it was too.


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