Summer Cruise 2013 – Day 18

TwizzleThis morning we breakfasted on egg & bacon, just a small helping you understand to see us through to lunchtime. Sue & Quentin poked their heads through the side-hatch complaining about the aroma of bacon and then joined us for coffee and a bit more chat before taking our leave of each other.

cheesy momentsOur target destination today was only Fenny Compton and we arrived just as two boats were leaving and so were able to moor on the ‘48s’ close to the pub, no sooner we had stopped, Cattty was off and headed for the pub garden. We followed suit and treated ourselves to a drink and a packet of Cheesy Moments, however we soon set to work by putting a load of washing on, in the launderette.

We had a quiet afternoon watching the washing dry (!) and treated ourselves to an early evening meal at The Wharf; it wasn’t until we got back from that, that we realised that the Cheesy Moments had been our lunch! It was just too hot to bother with cooking.



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