Summer Cruise 2013 – Day 17

This morning we heard a boat slip past us at about 7:30 followed swiftly by a text saying  ‘Still abed then?’ … Thanks Kate, we had to get up anyway!

DSCF4465After breakfast and a few chores we waited eagerly for a text to say Ted and Carol were on their way to see us from near Leicester (they should have visited us in Market Harborough but Ted was poorly) when the text came we made ready to leave our mooring near The Bridge Inn at Napton and chug along to Folly Bridge about a 30 minute journey, and when we arrived so had they, and were walking around the corner to meet us.

DSCF4468After a tea and coffee break we set off to attack the Napton flight of locks, the lock keepers had had a busy morning with an old working boat getting stuck in one of the locks as well as the normal traffic. By the time we arrived the rush was over with just one boat ahead of us we made steady progress and moored up three locks from the top for lunch.


It  was something of a trip down memory lane too as our first hire-boating experience was with these friends 30 years ago which included these locks! After lunch they did one more lock with us and drank more tea and chatted until it was time for them to head homewards and us to head onwards.

We completed the flight on our own and reached Marston Doles where the wiggly summit level begins. We considered going on to Fenny Compton but were worried about finding a mooring as it would be quite late when we arrived, however on reaching Stoneton bridges we came across Sue & Quentin, nb Twizzle moored up so we had to stop and chat, one thing led to another and we ended up having a meal with them and stopping there for the night.

That’s the joy of canal travel, plans can be changed so easily.
Our mooring was co-incidentally opposite a field which was full of sheep, compared with four young children on that trip 30 years ago.



One thought on “Summer Cruise 2013 – Day 17”

  1. A few more farm buildings added in the intervening years, you can now just see the roof of the old tiled building in the centre of the newer ones.

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