Summer Cruise 2013 – Day 14

This morning we left Welford with not a little regret, it really is a lovely place. We had been told that the Welford Arm seemed to be in a time warp, I’m not sure what it was about it, but there is certainly something magical about it.

DSCF4425Perhaps it was the grassy edges of canal, (which probably gave me the itchy hands and swollen knuckles which occasionally strike me in the hay-fever season – I suffered with it on honeymoon too, but I blamed that on stress!) or just the peaceful atmosphere there, we will certainly be visiting again.

DSCF4429So after breakfast it was down the one lock of the day, up to the junction and swing left towards Crick. The day was beautiful and we enjoyed elevenses of tea and crumpets on the way (How British!) and paused for lunch just before Yelvertoft, and revisited Tom’s Egg Box to buy another half dozen pullets eggs, it’s just a few hundred yards Foxton side of Bridge 22 for reference.


DSCF4438We easily found a mooring at Crick opposite the marina and whilst we were tying up Catty decided to disembark and disappear into the hedge, still wearing  the lead which she wears whilst travelling, sitting on the hatch. Fortunately she soon reappeared and was detached from the lead so she could go wandering unimpeded.


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