Summer Cruise 2013 – Day 13

Visitors, it seems, are a bit like buses; you don’t see any for ages and then four come along at once!

DSCF4423It had been arranged for Sue to visit us today at Welford, having worked out when we would be somewhere with road access that fitted in with her busy schedule. Needless to say she came via the ‘scenic’ route and arrived a little frazzled, but we soon put that to rights with lunch at The Wharf Inn, followed by tea and obligatory (she says) visitors cake on board.

After she left I had time to walk up to the village post office to send a postcard to our daughter in Australia and a birthday card to a friend while Joy enjoyed sitting in Welford Pocket Park which occupies a crescent shaped piece of land lying at the northern end of the village.

The intention is that the park will act as a mini conservation area with habitats suitable for a variety of wild flowers, plants, insects, birds and animals.. a pond has been dug and is being kept full by a plentiful supply of rainwater. An area for bog plants has also been cleared.. [and there is] the new footbridge over the River Avon.

But what about the other visitors you ask, the phone signal here is pretty dire, DSCF4420but when we went for a walk this morning a text came through asking if we were available for a drink & something to eat this evening, the mystery was I didn’t recognise the number, but a quick call back established that this was Richard (my nephew’s) voicemail. So a series of text ensued and he joined us with Penny (his wife) and Louise (eldest daughter) which was a nice surprise.

We spent a very pleasant evening and meal with them, again courtesy of The Wharf, a proper village pub with 5 real ales on draught and good food.

Oh I nearly forgot, I had a haircut especially for the occasion at Wharf Barns Hair almost next door to the pub.


One thought on “Summer Cruise 2013 – Day 13”

  1. Well, it was lovely to catch up with you both again. Many thanks again for lunch and drinks – long live The Wharf Inn I say. Good, too, to see how much better Joy is, and send my best wishes for total recovery very soon!!
    By the way, the lady with the 2 dogs WAS Jill from Matilda Rose cos I put a note on their blog on Thursday. So nice to keep meeting the really nice boaters!

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