Summer Cruise 2013 – Day 11

huawei-vision-1Today didn’t really turn out as planned, visitors were expected but Ted was stricken with the lurgi and didn’t feel up to it, so we went into town on our own and visited the indoor market, other than that it was a bit of a re-run of yesterday visiting Tesco and Square 53 cafe again. I did have a look at a new phone and was tempted by the Huawei Vision (apparently it’s pronounced WaaWay) at Phones4U but they didn’t have one in stock. Suppose that gives time for someone to tell me if I’m making a big mistake.

So it was back to the boat on the bus, refit the front fender (which I had taken off to paint the pointy bit) with a nice, shiny, stainless steel shackle, and then we were on our way back to Foxton Junction. It stayed dry for the journey and mooring up but became cold enough for me to light the fire (!) and through the evening and night, the rain was quite heavy so we were glad to be in the dry.


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