Summer Cruise 2013 – Day 10

Another stay-put day today, time to take a look at Market Harborough, but first a trip to Union Wharf to get a gas refill with the sack truck, naturally it couldn’t have run out yesterday when the boat was there!

Market Harborough Grammar SchoolWe walked down to the town, had lunch at Square 53 cafe bar and after getting a little shopping at Tesco we caught the bus back as it’s uphill, got to make use of those bus passes.
The building ‘on stilts’ is The Old Grammar School, and the parish church is unusually dedicated to St. Dionysius, maybe I’m thinking of Διόνυσος 1 the Greek god of the grape harvest.

House Market HarboroughYesterday I mentioned the houses opposite with their extensive lawns, today I noticed one of these is for sale by Andrew Granger & Co. for a cool £650,000.

I spent the afternoon doing a bit more touching up of the paintwork.

1. Dionysos


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