Summer Cruise 2013 – Day 2

St Mary's Church CropredyToday was a stay-at-home day, well at least a stay at Cropredy day, the weather forecast was wind and rain however the morning was fine and we decided to visit Cropredy Church for its family friendly Seeker Service.

We received a friendly welcome there despite feeling a bit underdressed, the service had a wedding theme, you see, and all the regulars had been briefed to turn up dressed for a wedding! There was audience participation in the story of The Wedding of Cana where Jesus turned water into wine, which reminded us of a sketch called 100% Proof1 which I performed with Cornerstone, our local church youth group more than 30 years ago where I played Hymie a waiter given the task of presenting the ‘bath water’ to the master of ceremonies. Never being able to escape from boaters for long we met Graham & Jane from nb Alnwick over coffee after the service, curiously there was no wine on offer. :-/

In the afternoon Joy was able to paint the borders of some new panels for our back doors and we had a visit from Jan (nb Maid of the Mist).

After cooking a Sunday Roast with lamb shank we settled down to a night in front of the telly with a Miss Marple mystery.

1. Written by Paul Burbridge & Murray Watts Riding Lights Theatre Company


One thought on “Summer Cruise 2013 – Day 2”

  1. Hi you 2,

    So you’ve already set off and I hope you have a lovley time. Here’s hoping Joy’s arm/shoulder is now fine and that you can have the relaxing summer cruise that you both deserve.
    Do let me know if you pass within 40 or so miles of here and I’ll bombard you with CAKE!!
    much love

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