Summer Cruise 2013 – Day 1

Today started in a leisurely way with bacon & egg to fortify us for the day, a last minute visit to Morrisons to stock up on provisions and a short boat trip up to Banbury Market for fruit and veg. Then we were off, a stiff breeze made it, er interesting navigating between moored boats at Banbury.

We had lunch of home made potato & leek pasties on the way, so a gentle cruise up to Cropredy arriving about 3:30 to the sound of music from Swindlestock.   The Brasenose Arms is well know for its music scene and an African Linx Festival was going on. We took a stroll down to see what was going on and met up with Jim (nb Smokin Badger) and our neighbour Spike’s brother Shaun. We would have had some photos of the colourful proceedings if we’d remember to take either camera or phone! So you will have to make do with a scan of a card we picked up instead!


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