Three Years Aboard

DSCF4133Last month marked 3 years of being boat owners, and we celebrated with a meal at the Jaypur Restaurant, here in Banbury. We had a lovely meal there and thanks are due to our neighbour Cliff for recommending it.

Our little garden area continues to take shape with potatoes, runner beans in raised beds and tomatoes in a growbag, just need to keep the slugs away from them now!

DSCF4127A chance photo of a butterfly on some ‘weeds’ behind the fence, produced advice from our friend Kyle (that’s a female Kyle, pronounced Kylie) that this weed was in fact a garlic mustard plant, also known as Hedge Garlic and Jack-by-the-hedge. which is apparently highly nutritious. Kyle told us. Pick a few leaves from each plant and use as you would perpetual spinach. Stir fry it with wild garlic leaves that are all over the woods at the moment or cook it into a soup. I have nibbled a leaf or two but have not been brave enough got around to including it in a meal yet.

DSCF4131Another couple of our friends, Nicky & Mike had a spare computer cupboard which they gave us, and unlikely as it sounds, with a bit of waterproofing and the addition of a roof it is now a little garden shed.

Joy’s physio is going well and she is recovering movement in her arm following her fracture.   Little landmarks like being able to put on her own seatbelt in the car are very welcome and she sometimes notices she is subconsciously doing something which she may have found impossible last week.

The college end of term approaches at the end of this month and I have booked my leave. Stand by while we make decisions about where our ‘Summer Cruise’ will take us this year. The Upper Thames to Lechlade and Market Harborough via Foxton Locks are both places which we have yet to visit, so watch this space to see where our journeyings take us.


2 thoughts on “Three Years Aboard”

  1. Glad you had a good time at Jaypur. We love it. It is fantastic to order three curries, rice and nan for three persons and tind that papadoms and pickles come free, an after-dinner spirit is offered and we leave with a doggy bag full enough to provide lunch for two the next day!

  2. Excellent value, will definitely go again. Joy’s sorry she was so woosey when you called by back a few weeks back, painkillers affect her badly!
    Have you checked out my new Banbury Boaters website? (link in right hand column)

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