A New Home Mooring

It’s Official! Wrens-Nest has a new home mooring at Banbury Tramway. We made a bid on the CRT mooring auction site, it was the winning bid and yesterday our licence arrived so it’s ours for the next three years, if we so wish.

2013-02-19 10.33.44The agreement actually started last Monday, but the local CRT office invited us to move onto it immediately after the auction, which I thought was very nice, so we did. My first job was to clear the unofficial ‘garden’ area across the towpath of stuff which had accumulated over the past few years. Under that green tarpaulin was a shelter containing all manner of junk which went into an old gravel bag and was taken atop the boat to the rubbish bins.

2013-02-19 12.47.40

Amazingly when I removed the tarpaulin I found this ‘edifice’ was constructed of enough pieces of scaffold board [I’ve since been told that the adjacent land was once a scaffolder’s yard] to make a decked area that we can use in the warmer weather and so the work progresses on a recycle and reuse basis.


IMG_0780We have already had a warm welcome and received help from the neighbours, many of whom have moored here for a number of years. Catty can enjoy a fair degree of freedom here, although there’s no pub for her to visit like at Fenny Compton, we have a friendly Staffy next to us and they tolerate each other well, although the Staffy can’t understand why Catty doesn’t want to play with her. At the far end of the moorings are friends from Oxfordshire Narrowboat days who became boaters at the same time as us.

All in all there’s a nice community feel here, to which we hope we can contribute in days to come, we have Morrisons just across the road and maybe I will even be able to commute to work by bike when the weather improves and my enthusiasm increases!


One thought on “A New Home Mooring”

  1. And then I hear about Joy’s accident!! I do so hope she is out of pain very soon, and the break heals well!
    much love,

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