Freeze and Thaw

DSCF4032After a few days of being frozen in at Tom Rolt Bridge, Banbury, the thaw arrived on Thursday and so did our son, Jeremy, alias The Boat Man who had been doing a job at Cropredy. He stayed with us for the night and by the time I got home from work at Friday lunchtime he had moved Wrens-Nest down to the ‘facilities’ filled the water-tank and emptied the loo.

DSCF4033Not only that but he moved us on to  ‘Tramway’, conveniently near Banbury Station & Morrison’s. There was some floating ice on the surface when we arrived but it has now been dispersed by the overnight rain and the glorious sunshine today. It has been good to see our solar panels putting some charge into the batteries too.


WeatherWe better make the best of it for although there is more sun forecast for tomorrow the next few days are forecast to be wet and windy! There was a little more DIY on the agenda this weekend, but just confined to re-gluing a couple of the joints on the table and chairs which, I think,  had come loose with the heat from the stove.


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