Sloe, Sloe, quick quick Sloes!

As mentioned last week we have planned to moor at Fenny Compton whilst CaRT’s Winter Stoppage Programme is in progress, shutting off the Claydon Locks for maintenance. We set off yesterday morning and were rewarded with a lovely sunny journey up the seven locks enjoying the autumn colours in the hedgerows.

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Whether it was the sunshine or not I don’t know but Joy felt really well and thoroughly enjoyed the journey. We stopped for lunch on our mooring and filled up with water, our landlord had cut the grass and in the sunshine it looked beautiful, but we had to press on as we need to be near Fenny Compton Marina for pump-out facilities. There is no winding hole (turning point) between our mooring and the locks and we might just need ‘the facilities’ more than once before Christmas!

On our journey on up to Fenny I spotted ‘treasure’ on the offside canal bank… Sloes which seem very scare this year, we managed to reverse the boat up and pick a lunch box full; and today Joy has made two bottles of Sloe Vodka as an alternative to Sloe Gin which we made last year. If you want to have a go yourself there’s plenty of information at Sloe.Biz

We arrived at Fenny and found a Wrens-Nest sized space for which we were very grateful. It was back to work today with the students back after their half-term break, I continued with some reorganisation of the stores, attempting to fit a quart into the proverbial pint pot by moving my bookcase and hanging even more things on the wall!


2 thoughts on “Sloe, Sloe, quick quick Sloes!”

  1. As you say, sloes very scarce this year. Never mind, I have two litres of sloe gin AND two litres of sloe vodka nicely maturing from previous years – all ready for Christmas!

  2. Glad to hear Joy is continuing to improve. I’ve seen references to TIA on several blogs this year and all are fighting back, so she’s in good company!
    I hope you enjoy your sloe drinks at Christmas – no envy here as I don’t like spirits so all the more for you!!

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