A Busy Weekend!

This weekend we enjoyed a foray back to Gloucestershire to catch up with friends and family. We called in to see our son Jeremy whose boat was moored at Gloucester Docks, he wasn’t having a good day, not only was he feeling unwell for reasons we’d best gloss over, but his friend Rebecca’s car had broken down on her way to Gloucester to see him.

Eventually we all assembled for a rather late lunch at The Black Shed at Slimbridge with our friends Allison and Hazel.

Peter and Jenny, who like us, used to live in Dursley had invited us to their 25th Wedding Anniversary with a party and barn dance at Midway Social Club at Yate. We enjoyed seeing them and although I don’t really understand dancing I have to say that the ‘caller’ was excellent – Neville Higgins, available for Parties, Dances, Wakes and Weddings according to his card.

Allison was kind enough to provide us with a bed for the night after the event and we went to Wotton Baptist Church with her this morning and surprised another group of old friends, not least by me wearing a tie! I blamed Allison saying she didn’t want a couple of scruffy boaters showing her up, it’s a good job they understand my sense of humour, as she’s the last person in the world to have said such a thing. Another friend and blog-reader from there (who had better remain anonymous) said she felt she knew our friends like Bones, from reading the blog. Oh yes says I, we had a drink with her Friday night, her she exclaimed, I’d always assumed Bones was a man! Oh dear Bones, I’ll have to be be clearer in what I write. 😉


3 thoughts on “A Busy Weekend!”

  1. Tee Hee!! Chris in a tie (err and what else, pretty please?!?) and Bones is a bloke?!! Side splitting enough, but I was Maffi’s Braunston visitor today, so the laughter lines are still fully etched!
    He’s fine, btw……………!

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