Summer Cruise – Day 40

So day 40 has arrived, and on Sunday so does the 40th Anniversary of our marriage, so perhaps I should have called this our Ruby Cruise.

DSCF3789We had lots of errands to do in Banbury (like collecting 5 weeks worth of post) which took up most of the morning, but had time to notice this BW notice by our mooring asking boaters not to dispose of their rubbish in these bins (pity the photo isn’t in focus).
Now, fair enough there is a waste disposal point (sometimes frequented by rough sleepers) by the bus station,  at the far end of these

DSCF3790 ‘Honey Pot’ moorings which were packed from end to end, but I thought it a bit much that Banbury Town Council should object to boaters rubbish as there is a very good chance that said rubbish is the detritus of  purchases made in the town, supporting the local economy.
We made our way out of town and had an easy run in blazing sunshine into Cropredy where we spent the night.


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