Summer Cruise – Day 37

DSCF3778Last night, as arranged, we met up with Maffi and Bones at the pub and also had the pleasure of meeting fellow bloggers Al & Del from nb Derwent 6 before they headed off for the Thames.
Today was a family day as it is our grandson’s birthday tomorrow, we had a boatful of visitors, Jeremy, Rebecca, Iona, Isabelle and of course the birthday boy, Morley plus his mate Connor.

We headed off on familiar territory bound for Lower Heyford, with the kids enthusiastically ‘helping’ us through the locks. We took a break at The Rock of Gibraltar where Stamatis and family were busy with an influx of diners brought out by the sunshine. As we went on our way, Joy contrived to feed us all with baked potatoes and mince in a bolognaise sauce.

The canal was not overly busy and both Jer and I had to get used to a narrow canal again, me after the Thames and he, the Gloucester & Sharpness, it’s funny how you feel 20 foot is close to another boat on the river but 6 inches is OK on the canal! Oxfordshire Narrowboats’s dayboats were out in force and we passed the time of day with someone at nearly every lock.

DSCF3782When we approached Heyford we met two more of their hire boats setting off on their holidays. We stopped on the 48s (48 hour moorings) next to friends on nb Prancing Pony and while Jer & I went up to the boatyard to say hi to the owner, David and his staff Joy and Becca prepared a birthday tea for Morley complete with jelly worms, thanks Bones for the link!

Cars were shuffled so we are ready for the next leg to Banbury and we said goodbye to the gang as they had to make their way back to Gloucestershire. We managed to get TV via the satellite dish but were too tired to watch it so went to bed early only to be woken up by a phone call from our daughter, Karen, in Australia. Miraculously we managed a chat despite the abysmal phone signal here by dint of positioning the phone as near to our signal booster as possible and talking to her on speakerphone. No internet signal here whatsoever so this post will have to be uploaded when we move on.


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