Summer Cruise – Day 35

paulhogan1A quiet evening at Abingdon, we took a walk through the old abbey gardens to Waitrose for a few provisions, then indulged ourselves by watching Crocodile Dundee on satellite TV, “That’s not a knife.  That’s a knife.” still makes me laugh.


DSCF3742We woke up to sunshine and were away promptly and through Abingdon Lock, on the five mile stretch up to Sandford Lock we spotted a couple of curiosities, first Nuneham Park where this monument caught our eye, some research on Wikipedia revealed that it used to stand at Carfax, in the middle of Oxford.

“By 1787 it had become an obstacle to traffic and it was removed and replaced by a smaller cistern. The original structure was given to the Earl Harcourt, who had it re-erected in the grounds of his home, Nuneham House, where it remains to this day.”



Our next surprise was what appeared to be four pale blue-green buoys across the river but an arm appeared from one of them and we realised it was people swimming! They seemed very relaxed and even had the energy to chat with us as we passed.


DSCF3749We stopped for lunch at the Kings Arms at Sandford Lock and moored up in front of Tyseley, the Mikron Theatre Company’s narrowboat. We spoke to the crew/cast who told us they had been there for a fortnight waiting for the river conditions to improve. They are performing tonight at Eynsham so I guess they have back up road transport.


DSCF3752By coincidence they are at The Wharf, Fenny Compton on the 29th July, the day after we will be celebrating our Ruby Wedding anniversary there.
Here you can find all their tour dates.

We spotted this fine craft at the Oxford Thames Four Pillars Hotel.



DSCF3754Our journey ended this afternoon moored up opposite the University Boathouses, just before Folly Bridge, Oxford. Osney Lock is still on ‘Red Boards’ and I took a walk up there and had a chat with the lock-keeper who suggested we phone tomorrow as he hoped the conditions would have improved overnight.


Osney Bridge certainly looks very low, so I hope our top boxes will fit underneath. We have been entertained this evening by watching the rowers practicing and Salter’s Steamers plying up and down with their sometimes noisy passengers and now to watch Lewis to complete the Oxford experience.


Boathouse Panorama


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