Summer Cruise – Day 34

DSCF3732After such a pleasant, sunny day yesterday, which I count as our best afternoon on the Thames with hardly another boat to be seen, today was dull and drizzly but we are still on the move but not many photos!

DSCF3736The river was still flowing strongly in places and not necessarily where warnings were indicated, Clifton Lock was on ‘Self-Service’ when we arrived, our first such experience, between there and Culham Locks it was Red Boards and was a little choppy towards the Culham end, but we were in the company of two cruisers and got there safe and sound.

Leaving Culham the heavens  opened and the rain came down like stair-rods, before I could don my waterproof trousers I was soaked so didn’t bother to change until it suddenly stopped about 10 minutes later.

DSCF3738The two cruisers arrived at Abingdon first and bagged the moorings before the bridge, so we had to fight the flow under the bridge and the following few hundred yards where we struggled to make headway but there on the left was a space just big enough for us in a bit of slack water which made it easier to moor up.


So here we are on Abbey Meadows next to the outdoor swimming pool and dinner is on the go. Praying that we don’t get too much more rain and we can make Oxford tomorrow and would you believe it… the sun has come out!


One thought on “Summer Cruise – Day 34”

  1. Oh Dear! This sounds more of an endurance trial than a summer cruise! I hope you get sunshine soon.

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