Summer Cruise – Day 33

Another Tank of Gas and back on the Road again

The Captain at the ‘elum

The last time I quoted that Lobo lyric I was taken to task for using road when I meant canal, but the old boatmen always used to refer to a good or bad road referring the merits of a day’s boating, so I am unrepentant.

We did, in fact, have a good road today and it started with a tank of fuel at Better Boating. I rang the lock keeper at Caversham Lock who told me his section was still on ‘Red Boards’ but I could use my discretion, so as the trip to get fuel went OK we decided to go for it. In the event it was Mapledurham Lock weir that was trickier, even though it was on Yellow Boards but that I understand that it is often quite fierce.

We covered this part of our trip two years ago when we collected our ‘new’ boat from the K & A . Today was gloriously sunny and we saw many sights, expected and unexpected, a field of alpacas, a steam launch not to mention the grand houses, traditional and modern. See the slideshow below.

We made it through to Cleve Lock where we filled with water and went on to Pangbourne Meadows where we had our lunch break. As we wanted to take advantage of the good weather and good conditions we made Wallingford our target. We achieved our goal and moored on the public moorings on the right after the town bridge, the flow through, and beyond the bridge was very strong and I could see how a boat got trapped, broadside against the upstream side of the bridge last week. No such problems for us thanks goodness and we have spent a pleasant, warm evening here.

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