Summer Cruise – Day 32

No boating again today as the portents of EA River Thames conditions site were not good, so we took the opportunity to exercise our bus passes and collect our car and take it for its MoT.

We did very well in catching Tesco’s free bus into town, same stop to take the X40 to Oxford, across to Magdelen Street on the 300, down to the Black Horse Kidlington on the 28, have lunch there while we waited for the S4 down to Thrupp. Who says our public transport is rubbish!

Transferring to our car we drove to our home town of Dursley, to Mill Motors (who I used to share premises with) to leave the car for its test on Wednesday,  however they found that they had time to do it there and then AND it passed! It was good to catch up with my old colleagues too.

We then drove back to the boat at Reading and on consulting the oracle again found that river conditions were forecast to improve on the morrow, so I decided to return the car to Thrupp while I left Joy on board so we had the chance of an early start tomorrow. Once again I was able to prevail on our good friend Maffi to run me back to Oxford and return via bus to Reading and got a taxi back to the boat.

A full on day, but very productive.


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