Summer Cruise – Day 30

Well.. what do you do when you can’t do any boating? Why, do some of those jobs that you’ve been meaning to do, yes, get on with those darn back doors! After the rotten wood was removed I had found that the steel doors were rusted on the inside and needed some treatment, so I went on line to find the nearest car parts shop and a phone call confirmed they had some Jenolite.

DSCF3706So this morning I walked to Newtown Motor Spares over the Horseshoe Bridge across the K & A and found that they were not open until 10am, but hey, I waited 10 minutes and they arrived promptly and opened up. So the day was spent treating the rust and cutting the new timber, which we had brought with us, to shape and painting it with primer.


Reading doesn’t present itself well from the river, the moorings where we are are edged with nettles and  the Horseshoe Bridge looks drab and is daubed with graffiti. It must once have looked quite handsome when it was built alongside Brunel’s rail bridge in 1891 to carry the Thames towpath over the Kennet. I bet it didn’t have the naff timber filling in the trellis of girders or the non slip sheeting over the ill chosen decking when the ‘osses used to use it!


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