Summer Cruise – Day 29

This morning we left our mooring at Sonning Court, which we were later told belongs to Uri Geller, leaving our £10 fee, as directed, in the letterbox next to the back gate, under the CCTV cameras!

The river was running quite fast and we had to cut across to the other side and then back across the flow from the mill stream to pass through Sonning Bridge. This concentrated the mind quite well as I had to aim to the right of the centre arch to allow for the force of the water which wanted to send us to the left. We had some practice for this yesterday where the weir stream at a couple of the locks had the same effect.

Photo of Sonning Bridge © Copyright Philip Halling and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence

DSCF3703After this excitement, the trip up to Reading was very tame and Dreadnaught Reach is one of the few stretches where you see any industry, The gasometers signalled that Reading was near and passing the turn to the Kennet & Avon canal we moored up at Tescos to do some shopping.



Our plan was to go on to Goring and moor up until the last ‘Red Board’ section was open, the Thames had other ideas however… By the time we got back from Tescos I had had 5 emails advising me that the flow on the river was increasing. Meanwhile another boat moored up alongside and Cattty took advantage of this distraction to jump ship and go exploring, she came back fairly soon and our neighbour bribed her to stay with some chicken from his sandwich.

By the time this performance had finished and we had chatted to our neighbour for a bit there had been 6 more emails advising of worsening conditions so we decided that there were worse places to be than Reading, so I set to and made a start on removing some rotten woodwork from one of the rear doors, mercifully it soon rained and put a stop all that nonsense.

 Winking smile

We may be here some days as the day’s total score for EA’s River Thames Conditions update emails is now 15 and there are only 2 places between here and Oxford which are not on ‘Red Boards’.


One thought on “Summer Cruise – Day 29”

  1. Goodness me! That’s risen fast? I know it has arrived in the river from various other points, so hope it finds as many exits places so you can ‘carry on cruising’. Glad also to see Bones safe on canal watter again.

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