Summer Cruise – Day 28

DSCF3669This morning we awoke to brilliant sunshine, and after a Facetime call to our family in Australia and watching The Bounty’s little dinghy ferry people to and fro, we set off, forgetting to have breakfast  so excited were we with the weather. We had not been going long when I spotted a kingfisher darting into the hedgerow, but try as she might Joy  only got a snap of a dead tree!


DSCF3681We arrived at Marlow with the sun still shining, and even saw an ice cream boat but it was not open for business.DSCF3686 We would have stopped at Singers Wharf for lunch but someone had parked a small boat right in the middle of the public moorings and the town moorings were £9; in your dreams Henley Town Council… £9 for a lunch stop? 

So we moored up out of town for bacon butties. but by this time we had had the best of the weather, but we pushed on and discounting some promising moorings as it was still early until Joy realised her watch had stopped.

So here we are tonight, just below Sonning Bridge, with the fire lit and the rain pouring down.


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