Summer Cruise – Day 23

DSCF3544We awoke to sunshine this morning so after a quick breakfast we left our overnight mooring and made for Chertsey Lock passing a selection of houseboats on the way, including this top heavy example. One of the more conventional houseboats was listing heavily with their ‘veranda’ underwater, I hope they woke up and discovered it before it got any worse.

DSCF3543Catty came up on the rear hatch for an airing but doesn’t look amused by it, when we reached Chertsey Lock a Dutch Barge was coming through on ‘Self Service’ so we moored up and filled our water tank and by the time we had done that the lock-keepers arrived for duty and helped us through, even giving us some postcards.


DSCF3547As the Environment Agency’s river conditions site is indicating that river flows are increasing we thought it wise to be prepared to moor up for a few days so we headed for Penton Hook Marina to get a pump out. Now this marina is in a loop of the river and to get to it involves crossing the weir streams by the lock and then after negotiating the twist and turns another stream hits you as you approach their visitor moorings!

DSCF3550I think the owner of a cruiser was a little worried as 20 ton of narrowboat came side slipping towards him; however disaster was averted by applying more throttle and the cruiser owner graciously came out to help us moor up. The marina office directed us to the pump out bay, asking if we had a bowthruster, so of course I didn’t use it just out of pig-headedness.

After re-negotiating the interesting journey back to the lock we went through and on our way to Staines (Staines-on-Thames as it has now styled itself) running the gamut of the usual rowing skiffs. We had been recommended to moor outside the Slug & Lettuce but were also warned it might get a bit rowdy at night so we were fortunate to find a spot just before this at the rear of the old Town Hall. It was market day in Staines so we had a brief excursion into the town for supplies.


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