Summer Cruise – Day 22

DSCF3512After spending a enjoyable evening with Rowland, Jeannette & the ‘Chiquititas’ (Jeannette is Columbian, so the twins are being brought up bi-lingual) we fell into bed last night and slept through until almost 8am and shortly after the sound of a chainsaw made sure we didn’t go back to sleep. At least EA don’t wait for the willows to fall down before they deal with them, they had all sorts of junk in the barge already including the remains of a wooden boat!

DSCF3521We left about 10:30am after a visit to The Boat Shop where we purchased an Imray’s “River Thames Book”.

We headed off in the drizzle through Kingston on Thames, meeting a Fire & Rescue boat, past Raven’s Ait (Ait or Aot seems to be Thamesian for ‘island’ where we met a tug towing a crane-barge.


DSCF3523 DSCF3527
Fire Rescue Boat Ooh Err Missus, that’s a big un!

Next we came to Hampton Court where the river became busy with ferries and trip boats as it was Hampton Court Flower Show.

DSCF3531 DSCF3532
DSCF3533 DSCF3534
DSCF3536 DSCF3537

Hampton Court safely negotiated, we passed through Molesey Lock and by the time we reached Sunbury we were wet and cold so we moored on Rivermead Island where we had lunch and lit the stove to dry out our damp clothes.


DSCF3539Suitably recharged we went through Sunbury Lock, through Walton-on-Thames and the Desborough Channel (a canalised part of the Thames, by passing a series of meanders) along here we encountered several rowing skiffs from the clubs along the way, who, incidentally, easily outpaced us. Here’s a picture of some big strong girls. 😉


DSCF3541We had intended to carry on to Laleham where free 24hr moorings were indicated, but after passed the junction with the River Wey and went up Shepperton Lock we spotted some 24hr moorings (not marked in our guides) and a pub adjacent…
Full astern, reverse onto the moorings and tie up for the night!


With that, of course, the sun came out and we were able to enjoy a pint and a very reasonable meal at the Thames Court which offers 2 courses for £8 before 5pm. I enjoyed Piedmont Pepper & Spiced Sweet Potato and Bean Burger while Joy had Beer Battered Mushrooms & Pappardelle Pasta. The sunshine even lasted almost until we had finished our meal.


One thought on “Summer Cruise – Day 22”

  1. Wow again – all my childhood and young adult places today!!Birthday party picnics at Hampton Court were a highlight!! Glad you’re having better weather and what a suepr photo of you all.

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