Summer Cruise – Day 12

To quote ‘The Scaffold’ song “Today’s Monday, today’s Monday, Monday is washing day. Is everybody happy? You bet your life we are!” Except it’s Tuesday!

It’s a tough life being a boat cat!

OK, it might not be Monday, but it was washing day, we fired up the trusty Kippor generator and did two loads of washing, I did feel guilty about disturbing the peace of this rural spot but the express trains flashing past every two minutes, it seemed, were doing that anyway. I pegged the first lot out to dry, whilst we did the second load and when that was done, decided to set of and tackle the first of the Marsworth locks.

As I was preparing the first lock Joy shouted, “Another boat coming” so I opened both gates only to find it was one of the Grebe Trip Boats, a widebeam, so we let them go first with their party of school children. In return their crew helped us prepare the lock. I was just going to open the gate again when another of their boats hove into sight, I wasn’t feeling so charitable this time so went on in and soon found that we had their entire contingent of passengers had disembarked and we had them as an audience as we locked through! However their crew had made the next lock ready for us too and we were soon through and on our way.

We stopped by bridge 130 and put the second load of washing out to dry, for which I got a resounding cheer from the ‘ladies’ on Grebe’s Trip Boat. After this we ambled over the bridge for lunch at the admirable Red Lion (See Google Maps)where I enjoyed a pint of London Pride and Joy a Weston’s Scrumpy. I had a Ploughmans Lunch, with a nice piece of Farmhouse Cheddar while ‘herself’ settled for Breaded Mushrooms. This was a real traditional pub just as I remember them the 60s & 70s, long may it continue. Joy found the climb over the humpback bridge a bit much though, we have to remember it’s only 6 weeks since she had her TIA, but after being fortified by lunch (and a pint of water on arrival!) she felt much better.

In the evening we had more visitors, Joy’s niece Chris & her son Thomas, dad Peter being committed to a school governors meeting. We gave them a meal and caught up with their news and passed a pleasant couple of hours before they had to leave, as Thomas had school to go to and bedtime beckoned for him and us both!


One thought on “Summer Cruise – Day 12”

  1. Cor! Those hump-backed bridges are awful to my knees! Well done, Joy, to get over that one – it’s a lovely area, so I hope you continue to enjoy the journey.

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