Summer Cruise – Day 11

DSCF3221It was back to cruising today, as we set off toward Grove Lock passing the industrial estate to our left where, Lancer Boss, a forklift truck company I once worked for was based, in Grovebury Road, no longer there of course, but Boss Road remains!



DSCF3225We did well, covering more distance than we expected, locking up alone through Church Lock, Slapton Lock, Horton Lock, the 2 Ivinghoe Locks and the 3 Seabrook Locks, meeting only a few boats coming the other way. We thought that was quite enough and took a late lunch at about 3pm and finished early.


We are moored up just short of Marsworth bottom lock which would be a beautiful quiet spot in the country if it wasn’t for the East Coast Mainline running alongside!

DSCF3217 DSCF3223
Putting the piling to good use! Is this some kind of gym for horses?
DSCF3220 DSCF3226
Bankside erosion Camera shy Heron

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