Summer Cruise – Day 10

DSCF3214As the weather forecast for Sunday was not encouraging, with rain and strong winds we decided to make it another rest day, and made arrangements to meet up with Sue, whom we met at Thrupp, just before we started our cruise. Her home is quite near Leighton Buzzard so she drove over after lunch and shared tea, chat and cake. A little puzzle for the gardeners among you, what plant was growing beside our mooring, my best guess is Mahonia, or Oregon Grape, but what do I know?

Vickers_VimySo another day, moored up by Tesco’s, Vimy Road. A brass plaque  told us that the store is built on  the site of the factory where Morgan & Co built the Vickers Vimy a twin-engine biplane heavy bomber, during WW I. Hence the road name & the biplane weather vane on top of the store.


During the day we were entertained by dozens of canoeists taking part in some kind of competition and a family of moorhens whose parents competed with the ducks & swans who we fed our stale bread to, and took the morsels back to their chicks in their nest opposite our side hatch. See the video below, excuse the wobbly camera shots!


Mum & Dad Moorhen looking after their chicks.

One thought on “Summer Cruise – Day 10”

  1. Hi again,
    It was a real treat to meet up again on Sunday. Also to see how well Joy is doing – so much stronger than when I met you at thrupp. Keep taking the tablets eh?!!
    I hope the weather improves and that you continue to enjoy the voyage.

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