Summer Cruise – Day 6

Today was an easy day with no locks, just a very wet tunnel!

My first job of the day was to walk down the road to the garage to get some petrol for our generator (only used on washdays!) and what a treat I found at Clarke Bros, Stowe Hill Garage, it was like stepping back 50 years, petrol pumps with no electronic console in the shop, they just asked “How much did you have?” but the real treat was the old motorbikes and cars, a Sunbeam S8, a Norman Autocycle similar to my first bike and a Scott Squirrel in the shop and various old breakdown trucks, vans and cars around and about. Not only that but a barbers shop on site too but I didn’t have time to use that service, but I did find this video on YouTube!

Clarke Bros Garage by lindasgoluppi

We left just after 9 and went round the corner to Rugby Boats to top up with diesel, but Steve, an old colleague from days at Heyford, told us they were waiting for a fuel delivery so on we went.

DSCF3140It was a pretty straight run down to Gayton Junction and on to Blisworth with plenty of photo opportunities, we passed quite a few boats going the other way, including a pair of coal boats, so we expected to meet a few in the tunnel, but to our surprise we had it to ourselves.

The tunnel had lots of drips and showers of water so I was glad of a hat and coat but apart from that it was quite uneventful and we made it through in just about half an hour.

We arrived at Stoke Bruerne about 1pm where my brother and sister were waiting for us and we had lunch and a drink at the Boat Inn and spent the afternoon drinking tea and chatting on the boat, while Catty was allowed to explore the hedgerow, not to mention a few other boats!

We caught up with our friends on nb Empress too and made arrangements to leave with them tomorrow morning.


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