Summer Cruise – Day 4

We I set off at 8:30 leaving the girls to get dressed and breakfasted. Onwards and upwards, actually downwards eventually, as there we were now on the summit level and no locks for 3 hours or so. I had my toast and marmalade brought to me on the move as we meandered our way along the contour, nearly having a close encounter with another boat at Griffin Bridge which is on a totally blind corner, they tooted, I hooted in return and when they saw our nose in the bridge ‘ole they reversed so hard the prop-walk slewed them across the cut, they didn’t look very amused.

Pill Box and Water Irises

We were now in less familiar territory, although by no means unexplored, it fact this was part of the route we followed 30 odd years ago which I mentioned in our Reminiscences post a few weeks ago.  Wormleighton radio mast played it’s usual trick of appearing to move from one side of the canal several times before deciding it wanted to be on our left.

Napton Bottom Lock

We reached Marston Doles and took Elevenses, a little late at half eleven, and started the descent at noon. There was a volunteer lock-keeper at the top lock, who departed after seeing us into the lock saying he was going down the bottom but when we got there there was no sign of him. We had a good trip down meeting a few boats which we were able to exchange locks with. When we arrived athe bottom, we treated ourselves to and ice cream from the Folly Inn.

With no more locks to Braunston the crew left me to it whilst they worked on preparing for the On Your Marks Holiday Club which Allison is involved in.

Electrical Self Sufficiency a home made Savonius Turbine


We were soon at Napton Junction and heading for Braunston, the canal becomes wider here  as although still the Oxford Canal, it shares the route of the Grand Union along this section.

As we approached Braunston I was taken by a Savonius Turbine made from two 40 gallon oil drums. We found ourselves at the iconic Braunston Junction and moored up almost opposite the Boathouse Pub.


One thought on “Summer Cruise – Day 4”

  1. Oh! You’re at my 2nd favourite place! I think Marsworth stays top of the few places I know, but braunston is great. where will you go next?
    Carry on enjoying!

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