Catching Up

To those of our readers who haven’t heard the news, and to excuse a lack of blogging recently, Joy had a TIA (mini-stroke) about 6 weeks ago which resulted in a stay in Horton Hospital, Banbury for a couple of days and bringing our boat down to Banbury (thanks Maffi plus Carol & Ted) so that she could convalesce a bit nearer to civilisation while I went back to work. 

The concern & kindness of all our friends has been heart-warming and we sincerely thank all those who have given practical help or supported us in any way. Thankfully Joy is doing OK and has recovered enough for us to start our summer cruise more or less as planned as I begin my annual leave from work.

I say more or less, as we intended to meet our friend Allison at Heyford railway station & start the cruise of the Thames Ring from there, so we boated down there in a couple of hops but then were so frustrated by the lack of mobile broadband that we decided to move on to Thrupp so we were even nearer Dukes Cut. Our local spies told us that there was no space at Thrupp so we moored at Shipton and in the morning, that jolly good chap Maffi (and his friend Sue) helped us out again by not only moving the boat to Thrupp canal cottages but went above & beyond the call of duty by filling us up with water and doing a pump out for us.

So..  a Good Idea eh? … Err, no! Before we arrived at Thrupp we had had a lot of the wet stuff and it transpired that the Thames was on ‘Red Boards’ and looked likely to stay that way for some days. So a change of plan was hatched, head off the opposite way!


One thought on “Catching Up”

  1. Pleased to hear Joy is on the mend and that you are now ‘planing’ and re-planning’ your summer trip!!!!!! much love to you both Maz xxxxxxx

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