Egged on to spend Easter in Banbury

DSCF2991Last Saturday we boated down to Cropredy and stayed overnight, continuing onto Banbury on Sunday. Spring seems to have sprung, with flowers bursting into bloom, a sign declared that Cropredy Marina would be open by spring 2013, but there’s a lot of work before that happens, it’s just a field at the moment!

As we approached Banbury we noticed that progress has been made on the flood prevention work  and the artificial banks, which now block the view from the canal, are being planted with trees. It seems ironic that this is being completed whilst the canals are desperately short of water.

As the school Easter holidays are upon us, we have had a quiet week at work with no students about, not that we’ve been idle in any way with jobs to catch up on that are better done outside of term time, not only that, but we have had our grandson, Morley to stay for a few days. On Monday Jer drove up with Morley and the girls and they spent a pleasant afternoon together making stuff in Banbury Museum who always put some activities on for the kids in the school hols.

On Tuesday evening we took Morley to see Horrible Histories at the New Theatre Oxford and were treated to gory facts about the Terrible Tudors, which the young audience seemed to enjoy immensely. If you decide to go be sure to choose your day carefully as their flyer didn’t make it clear that the Terrible Tudors and the Vile Victorians were on different days; we expected to see both!

0A couple of posts ago I mentioned the idea of a signal booster for our mobile phones, well,  one was ordered from Blackbox , complete with a Yagi antenna, as they offer a 30 day money back guarantee and were very competitively priced. The kit arrived about a week later (surprisingly, direct from Hong Kong) and after some experimentation I mounted the aerial atop an old boat hook shaft and success, we had 5 bars on our mobiles!
Thanks to Ted for the suggestion, of course he found a better deal on eBay, but ours was new! All that remains now is to fit a telescopic TV mast instead of what looks like a broom handle!

I also mentioned, in my last post that our new neighbour, Tom had offered his help to make a bracket for our clothes-airer and true to his word by the time I was back from work the next day he had made it, painted it with primer and delivered it, so I was honour bound to fit it on the back deck where Joy has already put it to good use, pictures to follow when it has been nicely painted too.



3 thoughts on “Egged on to spend Easter in Banbury”

  1. The tree planting you show is on the new Employment Park that will be on the ex-Alcan site to the north of Banbury and not in the flood prevention scheme. This bank with the trees will not prevent any floods as the area is open to the Southam Road just past “The White Cottage” (The one with the geese and donkeys).

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