A really Long Weekend

DSCF2972aIt seems like we’ve had a really long weekend, because after work on Friday we drove down to Gloucestershire to see our grandson Morley play violin with his school orchestra and musicians from other local schools.

Our kind friends Allison & Paul gave us a bed for the night & fed us, on Saturday morning we had a quick look around our old home town of Dursley & found quite a few new shops & businesses started up since we were last there, not bad in this economic climate.

We had lunch at Tubby’s Restaurant at Nailsworth with Allison, Paul and Joy’s uncle Harry (who at 87, still can tell a good tall tale) before setting off back to the boat.

On arriving back at the boat we found the damp patch on the carpet which we thought we had dried off was back again and it transpired that we had a leaky water pump! So it was off to Braunston Chandlers at Braunston Bottom Lock on Sunday, for a replacement, people tried to dissuade me from trying to repair the old one but the Make-do-and-Mend instinct in me was too strong and in the end I bought a repair kit too, so after suitable testing it can be a spare. We also bought some new Bedazzled 10 LED lights for the kitchen, so now we can see what we’re cooking. Guess who we should see at Braunston… Maffi, who gave us tea and the latest news.

DSCF2966Ever a glutton for punishment, today we went shopping for a rotary clothes line, some wire rope to brace the fence with and food shopping too. This afternoon was spent doing paperwork and form filling but we also met one of our new neighbours, Tom, who we found was a welder and he is going to (help me) make brackets to hold the new clothes airer to the boat.

Catty has made herself really at home and is enjoying her front lawn (and beyond!) and has taken a bath trying to get closer acquainted with the water voles (remember Ratty?) living in the canal bank next to the boat!
Oh yes, the solar panels are working brilliantly in this spring sunshine.


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