On the move, and about time too

DSCF2940Our sojourn at Fenny Compton will soon be finished  as our winter mooring comes to an end, so in preparation for that, and because it was such a grand day we decided to take a leisurely cruise, through the Fenny Compton ‘Tunnel’ and down to the Claydon Five, turned at the winding hole and moored for the night ready to return in the morning.

DSCF2942aJoy prepared a lovely roast dinner for us which we were pleased to share with our friend Maffi who is moored just down the cut at Cropredy, on invitation he leapt on his trusty bike and cycled up with Molly the Wonder Dog. Unfortunately they both had to walk back as a tyre was punctured, I expect another blog post from Maffi on  the subject on un-cleared hedge cuttings!!!

DSCF2920aIt’s always good to catch up with friends and we have been fortunate in having visitors for the last few weekends and even got around to visiting Blenheim Palace after being in the area for so long. My niece, Victoria is  planning to do a triathlon there later in the year so the year long ticket upgrade will pay off, rather her than me!


DSCF2945We are looking forward to seeing even more friends and family as we start to make plans for our Ruby Wedding anniversary in July, including some of my cousins who claim they haven’t seen me in most of those 40 years! Signs of spring were spotted on the way and it was a beautiful evening and a amazingly clear night with so many stars clearly visible.


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