Mooring with Moorhens

Our trip back to Heyford went well, we had planned to go Friday but the weather forecast was foul so we left a day early and made the journey in good time and found a free mooring opposite the church with satellite TV reception and some kind of internet signal. We had just settled in when a voice called “Hello” and our friend Emily stopped to chat and volunteered to run Joy back to Thrupp to collect our car which saved us a bus journey.

We have a family of moorhens with three chicks here who were brave enough to come and be fed, when the ducks didn’t try to chase them off, moorhens are much better mothers than ducks and feed the food to their chicks instead of scoffing it all themselves.

We went to church in the evening at Heyford Park and whilst there received a text from Bones enquiring about mooring spaces as she was heading up to Heyford on the morrow (good job I’d remembered to switch to silent!)

Bones arrived about midday Friday; she says she likes boating in the rain [weirdo!], Dave P also happened along at the same time and the two drowned rats shared some hot tea and cold lunch. The afternoon involved more car shuffling, tea at Annie’s Tea Room and a peek at Bone’s Bantam, that’s a 1950’s motorbike (my first bike too) for the uninitiated!  In the evening we were dragged off to the Bell (quelle domage!) where we met ‘Lady Muck’ (Canalworld Forum) and Josh from nb Rallentando who are visiting the South Oxford canal.

Catty has been allowed out to play here and showed her appreciation by delivering us a present of a mouse!


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