Our First Anniversary

Last weekend it was the first anniversary of moving onto our boat and starting our liveaboard life. We celebrated at the Jolly Boatman at Thrupp; Chrissy (our first crewmember when we collected the boat) husband Toni, Bones & Maffi made up the select group friends and we talked and supped a few drinks until they called last orders at 10pm!

I just did a bit of number crunching courtesy of the admirable CanalPlanAC and the numbers for our recent little cruise are as as follows:-

Total distance is 202 miles, 7¼ flg and 197 locks. There are at least 35 moveable bridges of which 26 are usually left open; 24 small aqueducts or underbridges and 6 tunnels.

This is made up of 176 miles, 4 furlongs of narrow canals; 26 miles, 3¼ furlongs of broad canals; 151 narrow locks; 46 broad locks.



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