Shopping in the Bullring, getting addicted to Tapas & getting lost on the way to Dudley

DSCF2066Cambrian Wharf made a good base for us to explore Brum visited the BBC and discovered tapas at Bar Estilo by Gas Street Basin which we enjoyed so much we went there twice.

We located Broad Street, New Street and The Bullring with its multitude of markets. Primark was plundered, vegetables and cheese were purchased, Catty-proof Superbolts for the back doors were found as was a 6 foot bungee to hold our mattress folded over, oh and an extending key ring to clip on my belt so our BWB key can always be to hand.

DSCF2091Today we decided to continue our journey to Dudley and visit the Black Country Living Museum. Having left the city centre we took the Old Main Line and wended our way beneath the M5, all went well until we reached Oldbury Junction



DSCF2107[I blame the Nicholsons guide which had a page turn right on the junction and Joy says I should have listened to her] suffice it to say that we made a detour down the Titford Canal up six locks, past a burnt out ‘Maltings’ through the plastic bag and rubbish infested canal to DSCF2110Titford Ponds where we turned with great difficulty in the shallow muddy waters and fought our way back, losing count of the number of times we had to stop and remove bags, old clothes and heaven knows what else, not to mention going back down the six locks! Nice engine house at the top though.  DSCF2116Once back on the right canal, it was remarkably clean with water lilies growing and clear enough to see the fish.

Reaching Tipton Junction we made very sure we turned the correct way and soon the mouth of Dudley Tunnel came into view, and there was even a mooring for us, a water DSCF2120point and BW pump out machine which actually worked. We will spend the next couple of nights here and visit the Museum and maybe the Dudley Tunnel, well the complex of limestone workings does include the Wrens Nest Tunnel; we shall report tomorrow.

Completed in 1815 the [Wrens Nest] tunnel served a
series of limestone mines 7/8th’s of a mile
away. The tunnel may be made navigable
once more in the future.



3 thoughts on “Shopping in the Bullring, getting addicted to Tapas & getting lost on the way to Dudley”

  1. The pump house is the BCNS headquarters, but I am sure you knew that.
    Is the cottage beside the lock finished now and I take it they have not knocked down the Maltings yet

  2. I can’t recall a lock cottage, top or bottom lock?
    No The Maltings still standing… just! I’ll post a picture up tomorrow.

    Oh I already have!

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