Easter Cruise

DSCF1844Spring has sprung 1 and Wrens-Nest is off on her Easter cruise, heading out from Heyford I was struck by the sheer profusion of wildflowers [OK, most of them were dandelions] and signs of new life which we associate with Easter. DSCF1857

We made an early start, which would have been earlier if I hadn’t wondered where that new container of engine oil had gone… then the awful truth dawned, I had taken some dirty oil to the tip [sorry.. recycling centre] yesterday and, you guessed it, the new can was in the box too. Fortunately their oil tank had been full, so the cans were left beside it and I was able to retrieve the new one as soon as they opened this morning, on the other hand, if I had been able to empty the cans yesterday, I would have found the new one. Doh!

DSCF1852The glorious weather had brought out other boaters including the flotilla of Oxfordshire Narrowboats Hirers returning to base at Heyford and we encountered the first queue of the season at Somerton Deep Lock and a boat adrift at Nell Bridge Lock.



DSCF1858Catty enjoyed being allowed out on the roof in the sunshine whilst under way, we figured even she wasn’t daft enough to jump off into the cut, and no… we didn’t really tie her up with that rope, before anyone calls the RSPCA!

Our journey was a bit slower than usual, but we arrived in Banbury in time to collect our mail and stock up with shopping at Morrisons which is conveniently located near Tramway bridge where we were able to moor for the night.


In Arnold Silcock’s Verse and Worse, attributed to ANON [New York]

The Budding Bronx
Der spring is sprung
Der grass is riz
I wonder where dem boidies is?
Der little boids is on der wing,
Ain’t dat absoid?
Der little wings is on de boid!


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