Down to Earth

We have been back from Oz for 10 days now, have overcome the jet lag (why does it only affect me on the way back home?) and are now back to something approaching normality.

This week has been busy with shopping trips to restock our cupboards pick up our mail, including 30 Christmas cards! I have to look for some sort of job now that our travelling is over for the time being and have visited various employment agencies, who are mostly about as much use as a chocolate teapot. Ideally I would like a contract job for about 3 or 4 months so we can go cruising again in the summer. So if you know of anything in the engineering, boating or IT line let me know. 🙂

We have visited to our boaty friends Sue & Barry down at Bradford on Avon, taking our grandson to school on the way and taking his sister, Iona, with us to Bradford on Avon, we had lunch & a catch up with them before heading back to pick up Morley from school then visiting old friends Tony & Christine (retired vicar & schoolteacher) at Stonehouse. I don’t know who enjoyed the visit more, Tony & Chris or the kids! We then met our son Jer at the China Garden restaurant at the Whitminster Hotel for the best Chinese ever!

Today we are expecting our friends Gill & Trev and are planning to go for lunch at the Barley Mow & then take a little cruise down to Somerton & back if the weather holds.

DSCF1602After rain at midday the afternoon became quite glorious for February and we had a pleasant little cruise down to Somerton Bridge where we found Wrens-Nest did fit in the winding hole relieving Joy of the worry of going through Somerton Deep Lock to the next turning point. The journey back ended just as the light was failing and we said goodbye to our friends and vegged out in front of the TV all evening.


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