Christmas Day Adventures

This Christmas didn’t quite turn out according to our plans, Chris was quite poorly after his visit to the dentist, getting infections in two of the three extractions and being on antibiotics which meant no alcohol and gave him severe indigestion (he swore they were the same tablets that Janine had been giving Ryan on Eastenders)

We were supposed to be spending Christmas Day & Boxing Day with our good friends Carol & Ted in Leicester, but they both caught bad colds/flu so it was sadly decided that although it would be nice to share the festivities with them we weren’t so keen to share their bugs, so we have spent out first boating Christmas on our boat.

As Christmas morning came we opened our presents and the initial disappointment at the enforced change of plans was soon dispelled by an invitation to a Christmas walk so Joy set off with five friends and three dogs through the woods and across the fields leaving ‘the invalid’ back at the boat and returning with the rather splendid snow-scenes below on her camera.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

When they returned we all went and enjoyed a Christmas drink at The Boat Inn and spent a good time together enjoying their roaring fire.


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